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25 de Mayo 749 – 2° piso – Oficina 6
C1002ABO Buenos Aires – Argentina

Teléfono: +54 11 4312 2284.
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To provide consultancy and management services to activities within the forest industry and anything pertaining to the use and conservation of natural resources, with a high level of professionalism and within an ethical framework


Argentina is a country with an enormous potential for agricultural activities, mainly due to its climate and the goodness and abundance of its soils. In spite of that, the forestry sector has not developed to the extent it has in neighboring countries.

At the doors of the XIII World Forestry Congress, a group of professionals with vast experience on various areas of the forest industry has decided to consolidate a consulting group with the aim of providing investors with assistance on the definition, implementation and even management of projects, as well as supporting governments or official entities devising forest plans, required legislation and on the promotion of its potential.

In face of the undeniable manifestations of climate change affecting our planet and of the business opportunities related with the implementation of climate change mitigation activities, this consulting group will also work on preparing for the certification for sustainable management practices and on emission mitigation and compensation processes.