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  • Daniel Maradei
  • Peter Lyford-Pike
  • Alvaro Pérez del Castillo
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Daniel Maradei

Agricultural Engineer from the Agronomy Graduate School (UBA) with post graduate studies at the School of Forestry, North Carolina State University, USA.

He introduced new genetic materials, such as Eucalyptus dunnii y Pinus taeda from Marion, to Argentina and Uruguay.

Promoter of the current Forest Promotion Law Nr. 25,080.

He worked for the leading forest companies in the region: as General Manager at Pecom Forestal, Manager of Forest Investments in Latin America at UBS, Head Manager at Garruchos S.A., Manager of the Cellulose Paste Division and the Packaging Division at Massuh S.A., Director at Tapebicuá, Fanapel and Celulosa Argentina, etc.

He provided consulting services in Argentina and Uruguay in many occasions and has been published on several journals and Congresses.

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He has worked at high-level management positions in various Uruguayan companies of the industrial and commercial sector.

In 1988 he was responsible for the first pulpwood exports from Uruguay and also from Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina, activity in which he was involved as Managing Director at Tile SA until 2002.

Also, he was co-responsible for implementing COFUSA’s large scale forest plantations, company of which he was director, and for the first large scale sawmill set up by Urufor SA, company in which he was also director.

In 2002 he started Pike Consultora Forestal. The company’s main aim was to be a key agent on the development of the wood industry in Uruguay. Since then it has provided its services to several national and foreign companies, in the areas of pulp and paper as well as in areas such as availability, trade, forest plantations management, geographic information systems and wood logistics, among others.

In 2003 he started Pike & Cia Comercial, a pioneering company in offering independent services for the commercialization of forest and industrial products coming from forests in the Southern Cone of Latin America. PIKE & CIA COMERCIAL’s main goal is to promote exports of forest products, looking for new markets while developing the already established ones.

Since 2004 he has been a partner and Director at CARBOSUR, a pioneering Uruguayan company set up in 2000 to provide specialized services in the field of climate change, with an emphasis on the mitigation of this environmental issue taking place at a global scale.

He has also taken part in several processes of due diligence which involved forest assets, and has orchestrated one of the largest forest join ventures in Uruguay.

In 2005 he set up Forestal Atlántico Sur alongside the Chilean company Forestal del Sur, which is concerned with planting and managing Eucalyptus forests (to be used as pulpwood and sawn wood) and exporting wood for cellulose paste.


Álvaro Pérez del Castillo

Graduated from the University of the Republic (Uruguay) as a Forest Agronomist. He was part of the Technical Team of the Forest Products Department at LATU (Uruguay Technological Laboratory).

At said lab he was counterpart for the project “Forest Products Testing Technology” between the Forest Products Department from LATU and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). He did research on industrial processes (sawing, seasoning, etc.) and on the mechanic properties of the wood from different species of Eucalyptus and Pinus.

He has taken several training courses in Brazil (Vicosa Federal University), Chile, Argentina and Japan (3 months at the Forest and Forestry Products Research Institute).

In October 2003 he became a member of Pike & Co. Technical Team and put in charge of design and maintenance of the company’s Forest Information System.

Since January 2006 he has been Executive Manager at Pike Consultora Forestal.


Luis Olmo

Chemical Engineer from La Plata National University, with an MBA from IDE-Cesem, España.

He has worked for the most important cellulose paper mills in the country, such as Zucamor S.A. (Manager in charge of Research, Development and Quality, Semi Chemistry and Paper, Planning and Sales) Massuh S. A. and Papelera San Isidro S.A. (Paper Production Manager), Papel Misionero (Resident Manager), Celulosa Argentina S. A. (Board of Directors’ Adviser).

He has been actively involved in technical reforms and the commissioning of paper machinery, as well as in studies regarding forest plans and plans for supplying cellulose companies and in projects for biomass power generation.

Ricardo Vukasovic

Forest Engineer (UNLP), he did post-graduate courses on “Lenga” (Notophagus pomilia) handling and Forest Inventories. His professional activity has focused on native Notophagus forests. He was one of the promoters of Tierra del Fuego’s Forestry Law.

He is linked to the scientific sector, acting as a bridge with the productive sectors in order to improve their processes and the sustainability of their activity.

He takes part in multidisciplinary research groups, doing applied research on native forests, having published over a dozen papers, lectures, book chapters and technical reports.

Consultant and technical representative of forest producers from Tierra del Fuego, he has over 15 years of experience.