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A pioneering Uruguayan company set up in 2000 to provide specialized services in the field of climate change, with an emphasis on the mitigation of this environmental issue taking place at a global scale.

The company has a wide experience in the areas of climate change mitigation projects (CDM, voluntary markets) and greenhouse gas inventories, including carbon footprint assessments.

The members of Carbosur are devoted professionals, with a strong sense of commitment to sustainable development and the fulfillment of their customers’ needs, combining their solid technical knowledge with ample practical experience.

A staff of professionals with wide experience advising and representing relevant forestry and forest-industrial companies which have taken part of several endeavors in many provinces of our country. The availability of a comprehensive number of legal services makes it possible to tackle the wide range of legal and regulatory matters associated to forest and forest-industrial endeavors: the structuring of the investment modes and the compliance with the investment promotion regimes; securing the rights for the respective operation; solving real state issues; negotiating agreements concerning the operation and the commercialization of the products (domestic and exports); dealing with regulatory problems and administrative procedures before national and local authorities and sector regulations, among which are the regulations concerning richness and conservation of forests, fiscal stability and the promotion of investments and the environment.

The firm provides legal services in an integrated manner with the remaining departments of the consulting group, making it possible to have a multidisciplinary approach and a coordinated way of handling the various aspects and issues which investing and developing endeavors in the sector involve.

Forestry services company specializing in land preparation, planting and management of plantations. With a wide experience on the Delta of the Río de la Plata, the South East of the province of Buenos Aires, Corrientes and Uruguay.

Pike Consultora Forestal began its activity in 2002, and since then has provided consulting services in hundreds of occasions, working with dozens of local and international companies in the forestry sector, governments and others.

It has recruited a team of professionals with highly successful, hands-on experience of two decades of work on managing forestry companies, covering silviculture, industry, wood trade and services sector.

Pike Consultora Forestal has developed a Forest Information System (FIS) which comprises a Forest Data Base (FDB) linked to a Geographic Information System (GIS) which covers the whole territory of Uruguay and the East of Argentina, including natural resources (soils, geological materials, water resources, climate, land use, etc.), infrastructure (roads, urban areas, power lines, forestry industries, socio-economic data, etc.) and forests (identification of planted cadastral units, owner’s name, size of the units, planted area, date of planting, harvested areas, distance to points of interest such as ports or industries, etc,) Each identified forest in the GIS is linked to the FDB, which stores detailed information on silvicultural practices, forest inventory and wood production data and more. The FIS is permanently fed information obtained from field surveys, the periodical (approximately annual) processing of satellite images and other sources.

In terms of field work carried out by the company, during the period 2006-2009 it has surveyed (between commercial inventories and due diligences) a total of approximately 90,000 ha of plantation forests in Uruguay and Argentina.

The company also possesses a thorough knowledge of the Uruguayan forestry sector and a wide network of relevant contacts, both locally and internationally. In connection with that, it is worth mentioning that Pike Consultora Forestal organizes and sponsors the International Pulpwood Resource and Trade Conference (, the first of which was held in Montevideo (April 2005), with a second edition taking place in Australia in late February 2007 and a third one in 2008 in Singapur; the fourth edition will be held in Sao Paulo in March 2010.

Zobel Forestry Associates is a natural outgrowth and expansion of the work of Dr. Bruce Zobel. Dr. Zobel is Professor Emeritus of North Carolina State University and a prominent world expert in forest tree improvement and wood utilization. The company, founded in 1985 to continue and to expand his work, has provided consulting services to over 70 companies and institutions worldwide.

Zobel Forestry Associates, Inc. integrates the services of scientists of multiple national and ethnic backgrounds, into an effective and comprehensive international consulting group with experience in forestry-related specialties.

William Ladrach, President and Co-Founder of Zobel Forestry Associates, Inc, has over 35 years experience in forest management, forest research, and is highly knowledgeable of forestry operations in the tropics.

He has developed interactive computer financial management plans for numerous international forestry organizations and has taught many courses on forest fire prevention, timber harvesting, tree nurseries and plantation management. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian.